Hello World!

My name is Scott Dresser, and I’m starting¬†Increasing Income Blog so that I can catalogue my journey to ever-increasing income in public, teach what I can, and have fun while I’m at it.

A little biography on myself; I am 27, work in a family manufacturing services business, and hope to “retire” and pursue my passions as soon as possible. Now, I put “retire” in quotes, because I do not plan on having the normal retirement. You know the story: one works until they’re 65 (or much, much older, these days), and then cashes Social Security checks and sells off their hard-earned life savings, maybe having enough to make it until they die, maybe not, who knows?

Maybe it’s a generational thing, maybe it’s because I entered the workforce in, I’m willing to wager, the worst year of anyone reading this post, 2009, but working my whole life, only to be left with nothing to pass to my heirs is just not going to work for me. What’s more, this already flawed strategy depends on my retirement accounts being at fair value or better the year I retire! What if, when I decide it’s time to call it quits at the ‘ol shop, it’s a repeat of 2008-9, and stocks are at an all time low!

I think that’s why I came to the system of income investing, and trying to grow my income stream every day, week, month, and year by as much as possible. Once I had basically reached these conclusions on my own, I came upon “dividend growth investing”, and discovered that many, many people shared my views on investments, and were focusing on building their income streams too. The ultimate goal of this sort of thing is to get to the point where my “passive” income, the money I get from everything besides my regular job, is enough to pay for all of my living expenses, and is still growing at an exponential rate.

I’ll get into the basics of how I plan to build that passive income stream in subsequent posts, but as a bit of preview, investing in sturdy, reliable, dividend paying companies, property ownership and rental and high quality bonds will play a major role. I am also experimenting with PTC advertising with sites like http://www.clixsense.com, which gives me the opportunity to make a little bit extra on the side while I am bored at home or at the office, usually by just clicking a link and letting the subsequent webpage sit on my screen for 3-30 seconds.

With these, tools, I will go from where I am now, 27, somewhat underpaid but in an extremely secure family business, and a new homeowner, to an early retiree, who’s only job is to manage his investments, do what he loves, and go out and get more income if he CHOOSES. And I hope to do it all with copious updates right here.

So stay tuned, bookmark me (does anyone still do that?), subscribe me on your RSS reader, tell your friends! It’s going to be a long strange trip, and I’m glad to have you aboard.

PS- If you’d like to make a modest start in building your passive income, I highly suggest Clixsense, as I mentioned above.¬†Full disclosure, the link below will make you my associate, so I will receive a small commission based on your activity on the site. However, this commission will not be coming from your end! If you had signed up without a referral, but simply through the wonders of Google search, you would receive the exact same payment for each ad you look at etc!



I want to be as rich as this guy.